Charity Class.


This year, in grade 8 we have a charity class,

We raise money for charities and our school. We all split up in groups of 6 and we had to create a charity to raise money for the grade 8 camp that is happening at the end of the year. Bianca, Emma, Ashleigh, Grace and I created a charity event called “The Lolly Jar Guessing Game”. We got a big jar and filled it up with lollies and people guessed how many lollies were in the jar and the person who guessed to closet to the amount that was in the lolly jar won it.

We are doing an assingnment about three charities that interest us the most. Im doing Canteen, Beyondblue and Make a Wish foundation, we have to research about them three charities and write a full page of each charity. (:

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I’m Nominated! (:


I found out today that I have been nominated for an edublogs award for the best student blog 😀

Please vote for me? and here is the link to vote ‘here’ oh and make sure the name is Liri 🙂

Thank you everyone (:

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ICT-Term3 :)


This term in ICT we had a choice of what activities we had to choose, I chose ”taking risks”.

These are the activities, we had to choose 3 out of 7 that have to be completed by the end of this term,

1.Dance animation (Pivot)


3.Stop motion

4.Passion Blog


6.Video saftey

7.Story Book

I chose Passion Blog, Dance animation (Pivot) and stop motion. Hopefully I will get all activities completed 😀 .

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Photography. ♥


I love Photography, I love just walking around at the park taking pictures and I do the same at school. Here are some pictures I have taken…

The Clouds <3Grass-dirt-cementTrees :)The Park in town.:D...nearly night time P   E   A   C   EAt School .My guinea pig, TJThe Spider I made at the beach.Allira-Bianca.C-Emma-Sunita-Ashleigh-Bianca.WFlowers. <3

I have more photography pictures. My favourite is black and white pictures and the sun set. ♥

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My Passion Blog-Tattooing…


This year I have made a Passion Blog about Tattooing. I’ve been a tattoo artist for 2 years now and I have been practicing alot 🙂 . Im going to tattoo my hand.. a little star 🙂 and Im going to give my sister a tattoo when she turns 18. I hope I have a good career when Im older and own my own Tattoo shop.

Link to my Passion Blog.

Tattoo gun

Link to this image “here”.

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Cars :) .. Friends ship.


Friends are people you can talk to, hang around with and trust. Our 6/7 grade watched a movie called cars, the movie is about Lightning McQueen being famous and not caring about anyone and when he was arrested and had to help the town he realised that he made friends for life… Mater! 😀

What are the differences between popularity and friendship?

Popular people have to many friends and has no one to trust very well, If the whole school is your friend who are you going to trust? And Friend ship is a person you get to know let them know that you trust them and somebody that doesnt turn your back on you if they are told a rumor.

How did he change during this period and what did he learn specifically about friendship?

He reilised when Harv asked him to invite Lightnings friends he was thinking really hard, when he was in Raidiator Springs he found great trusting friends but when Mack took him away when they found him he felt like a part of his life got taken away :(.

How did knowing Mater, Sally and Doc help Lightning develop into a better friend?

With Lightning being around them he acted nice and trusting, Mater, Sally and Doc were a good role model for Lightning.  think a good friends is always there for me and trusts me.


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I have found a website were you can use free photoshop,

but it isnt as good as the real one. It cant have multi colours,

just single colours. Click Here! to go to the website.  (:



Image of the eye



the after one doesnt look that good… probly because I made it (: haha. If you want to join fotoflexer you need to be 13 and older. You can create different things, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click advanced then click on re-colour and watch the video on how to do it. (: x x

-Liri x x

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3 awesome blogs you should visit♥ :D


These blogs look awesome and I think you should comment♥

Ashleigh -aka- Mushii– The background looks awesome/pretty and she writes the coolest posts.

Ms.Cahusac– She has alot of interesting post, alot! (:  .

Sunita– She has a lot of widgets (: but they look awesome 😀

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Reports this year! (:


This year I thought I did good, but I moved to Victoria for a while and then I came back so I missed out on alot of school. My dad liked my report this year. I did very good in Humanities but in maths & Literacy I fail… In P.E i did good. I didnt think I did better than last year, I think I forgot maths 😀 reports 2010.!

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The Lemur Leaf Frog!♥


This Term our class is doing a project on endangered animals. I have chosen to do a project on the Lemur Leaf Frog

Most people call the Lemur Leaf Frog the Lemur Leaf Frog but its real name is hylomantis lemur. It was once very common in Costa Rica. The Lemur Leaf Frog is very small and has big eyes and is green. well I have heaps more info and I cant wait to get it all done (:


    native to Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama




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